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Ultrasonic cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning of face

Ultrasound Facial Cleansing is hardware-based clean skin from comedones (black aunts), leather grease and clogged salons.

Unlike personal clean faces, the use of an ultrasonic device should be used. Always see that your skin is no longer just a reference, but healthy.


At the Academic Medical Group Medical Center when using an S 190 ultrasonic scraper. Today it is one of the best devices for ultrasonic cleaning and phonophoresis.


We use Image Skincare (USA) cosmetics for face ultrasound


  • Makeup
  • Cleanup
  • Steam Gel
  • Ultrasonic facial cleansing
  • Mask is final
  • Skin Type Cream


  • The pores are cleared;
  • Aligns the face;
  • The pores narrow;
  • Greasy Plasma Purifiers
  • Notes the corrosive layer of skin;
  • Improves complexion;
  • Increases skin elasticity.


  • Cancer substances;
  • diabetes and other chronic substances in decompensation stages;
  • inflammatory substances that maintain high body temperature;
  • use skin (psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, purulent substances, herpes);
  • allergic reaction to one component of the drug.




2 weeks sunburnt area is processed;

3 days after use you cannot:

  • evaluate the saunas, baths, swimming pools;
  • Wipe the area with alcohol.

Ultrasonic cleaning allows you not to look like a skin examination, but also to change the resources of the skin, improve the structure of the dermis, acupuncture on the skin. In addition, it is recommended to use accelerated skin regeneration, as well as faster, faster harvested scar and initial, contracting and puncture.


  • Cancer substances;
  • Sharp backup and purulent data;
  • Heavy forms of cardiovascular products.


Ultrasonic cleaning does not require a specific course. This cleansing is recommended for oily and combination skin for 1-2 months, for dry skin for 3 months. Duration of ultrasonic cleaning up to 1.5 years. After ultrasonic cleaning of the face from the actual rehabilitation period and there is no strong initial after use.


  • The procedure is absolutely painless;
  • You can protect it at any age from 14;
  • Stay in all situations: when you work in the skin and when the skin stays cleaner.

We look for a literally refreshed face when no traces were found on the skin and visible.


Service Price/UAH
Classical cosmetology
Ultrasonic Facial Cleanser, IMAGE, USA 550
Back ultrasound, IMAGE, USA 800
Grade I Mechanical Facial Cleansing, IMAGE, USA 650
II degree mechanical face cleaning, IMAGE, USA 800
Mechanical Back Cleaning, IMAGE, USA 1100
Combined Facial Cleansing (Mechanical + Ultrasonic), IMAGE, USA 700
Combined back cleaning (mechanical + ultrasonic), IMAGE, USA 1100
Removing Millions (1 item) 50
Ultrasound Peeling, IMAGE, USA 550
Phonopheresis – Oily, Combination Skin Care, IMAGE, USA 600
Phonopheresis – Oily, Combination Skin Care + D’Arsonval, IMAGE, USA 800
D’Arsonval face 300
Phonophoresis – Normal, Dry Skin Care, IMAGE, USA 600
Oily, Combination Skin Care, IMAGE, USA 500
Anti – acne program. Skin Cleansing and Therapy, IMAGE, USA 800
Vitamin C Antioxidant + Anti-Age Care, IMAGE, USA 1100
Mask Peel Peeling (Glycol 30% + Salicylic 2%), DERMACEUTIC, France 700
Milk Peel peeling (glycolic 50% + milk 10% + salicylic 2%), DERMACEUTIC, France 800
Mela Peel peeling (salicylic 20% + phytic 5% + azelaine 20% + ferulic 10%), DERMACEUTIC, France 1800
Mela Peel peeling (milky 15% + salicylic 15% + phytic 15% + coyote 10.5% + retinol, arbutin), DERMACEUTIC, France 2000
Peeling PRX-T33 (periorbital area) 1ml, Italy 1400
PRX-T33 peeling (medium face peeling) 2ml, Italy 2600
Phytopiling face 500
Phytopiling of the back 700
Cryomassage of face, neck, neckline (1 zone) 250

Injection and classical cosmetology, trichology

Cosmetology and trichology consultation

Initial consultation of Candidate of Medical Sciences, Dermatologist, Cosmetologist, Injectionist, Leading Aesthetic Medicine Specialist Tatiana Shmyha is thoroughly detailed (about one hour long). The consultation examines the patient’s history, assesses the overall health of the body, taking into account lifestyle, habits, sleep and nutrition. After all, you probably know how much the health of the whole body is reflected in our appearance, and this in turn affects the quality of the skin, youth and beauty. On these issues, the doctor provides individual recommendations. The next step is to evaluate your skin health and determine your skin type. Accordingly, cosmetic recommendations and home care for face and body care are provided. The following is a diagnosis of elasticity, elasticity and skin tone, determine the type of aging face.
The presence of wrinkles, their depth, ptosis of tissues and other changes in the face are estimated. Summarizing all the information, the doctor prepares a treatment plan, providing recommendations for care products that are right for your skin type and age. If necessary, cosmetic procedures and injection manipulations are prescribed to improve the appearance, covering botulinum, contouring, biorevitalization, mesotherapy, plasmotherapy and other methods; patients with impaired hair growth are assigned appropriate examinations and treatments. Please remember: the successful treatment depends on the positive result!

Injection cosmetology